Hight-Quality Materials
Retro Fashion Style
Innovating Design

The Brand

Normandie Baby was founded in Barcelona
in 2000, as a Luxury Baby fashion Brand
built on Design and Quality.

The magnificence of the landscapes in the
North of France are the inspiration and style
identity of the brand.

The Designer

Fashion is an important element of our brand.
Graziella Anton de Vez worked in this field for 6
years in Paris and then she collaborated with
Antonio Miró to create a line of kids’ clothes.

It was then when she learned all the techniques
and secrets of this wonderful world. All her
knowledge is included in every single piece which
mixes trends and classic design.

The Product

Normandie always takes care of babies’
delicate skin using only premium
materials and 100% natural fabrics

The Design

Classic patterns with unique designs
where every single detail and tone
shows our lovely retro charm.


From 0 to 6 years old.
Clothing, shoes, accessories and garments.


100% Natural Fabrics: Fine Merino Wool, Cashmere, Angora, Baby
Lama, Linen, Silk, Egyptian Cotton…


Classic patterns mixed with a Trendy and unique Retro Fashion Style.


Exclusive soft baby colors: Blue, Warm Grey, Ancient Pink, Indigo,
Epoque Green, Mauve...

The Image

Normandie was founded with the aim of
creating a new retail concept for babies,
where the charm of the product is as
important as its presentation.

The Stores

Exclusive boutiques with a magic
atmosphere inspired by the romantic
landscapes and characterized by
our historic green color and french
province style.